2009: Where it began...

In 2009, Jim Dickinson asked Cameron and Agnieszka to set up a dairy farm in Uruguay.

Agnieszka arrived in Uruguay in April 2009. At this time there was a small nursery. The idea was to grow plants and trees to use for shade and boundaries around the property.

In April 2009, Eduardo Rodriguez and Alberto Pintos were working on the farm. Agnieszka then returned with Cameron in September to begin transforming this nursery into a dairy. there were currently no animals. Some land was being leased to a neighbour for making hay and silage.

While waiting for the dairy equipment to arrive from Australia, the roof was replaced on the main shed (soon to be the dairy shed) and the calf shed was built.

Second hand dairy equipment was ordered from Australia. Parts came from 3 different dairies to construct the parlour.

The cow holding yard was built just outside the dairy. It took 40m2 of concrete mixed by hand over two days by 11 people. The office was also built, houses were renovated and the first heifers were bought.

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